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Becoming a Referee

Becoming a Referee


Why should you become an AYSO Referee? We need you. We can't have games without referees. More importantly, it's rewarding and working with kids is great fun! 

Referees are critical to soccer - the game can't be played without them. The referee's job is to be the official in charge of the game. He is the independent arbiter and manager of the game. Her authority extends to everyone at the field, including players, substitutes, team officials, spectators, and even assistant referees. 

The referee's #1 concern is to keep the game as safe as possible for the players. While there is risk in all sports, the referee is responsible for minimizing such risks from field conditions, equipment, spectators, and the players. 

The referee is responsible for enforcing the Laws of the Game in such a way as to keep the game safe, fair and fun for everyone: the players, the coaches, the spectators and themselves. He interferes with the game as little as possible, avoiding making calls for doubtful and trifling offenses. Referees only make calls for offenses they are sure occurred. 

We want our kids to continue to play, and they keep playing as long as it is fun. Referees learn that fun soccer varies from age group to age group of players. 

If you are ready to become a referee, log in to your account and click on the Volunteer tab > click Find Volunteer Roles > select the appropriate program and click View Roles.  Click Sign Up next to Referee under the 8U division.


For volunteering your time, we will provide you with the following:

  • Free world-class training
  • Free on-going mentoring
  • Free food!
  • Free whistle
  • Free referee continued education opportunities
  • Free T-shirt 
  • Free uniform for Youth Refs completing 5 games 
  • Free Ref gear based on the number of games reffed in a season (see referee incentives below)
  • and more!


  • All new referees get a t-shirt to referee in to start with.  New referees can earn a referee jersey after reffing 5 games or more in one match year (MY).
  • 2nd referee jersey and beyond - 10 games in an MY = 1 referee jersey of your color of choice (max 2 jerseys per MY)
  • 30 games or more in an entire MY = $25 gift certificate in addition to the shirt earned above (unless you've already won one of the gift certificates for coming in one of the top 3 positions mentioned below)
  • Youth Referees with 10 or more games in an MY will get a $60 scholarship towards their next MY registration.

For the awards below, we will have an Adults and Youth grouping.  For example the most games by an adult and the most games by a youth referee.

  • $100 gift certificate to the adult and youth ref that has the most games in an entire MY.
  • $50 gift certificate to the 2nd and 3rd most games in an entire MY for both adult and youth referee.

Other referee gear such as whistles, flags, game card wallets, watches, etc. are given out as each referee demonstrates his or her long term commitment to referee for our Region.


  • Always remember that the game is for the players. Player safety and fair play come first.

  • Study and learn the Laws of the Game and understand the "spirit" of the Laws. Help fellow referees do the same.

  • Encourage and enforce the AYSO philosophies of "Everyone Plays," "Positive Coaching" and "Good Sportsmanship."

  • Respect other referees' decisions, and do not publicly criticize another official.

  • Wear the proper uniform and keep it in good condition.

  • Maintain good physical condition so you can keep up with the action.

  • Stay calm when confronted with emotional reactions from players, coaches and parents.

  • Honor accepted game assignments. In an emergency, find a replacement.

  • Support good sportsmanship with a kind word to players, coaches and parents of both teams when deserved.

  • Always be fair and impartial, avoiding conflicts of interest. Decisions based on personal bias are dishonest and unacceptable.

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